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About Us

Coin De Mire Agencies are experts in the domain of import, export, procurement and distribution.

We can buy, pack and export your desired product from Mauritius to around the world.

We are geared towards export and we have a number of clients in Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

Coin De Mire Agencies specialize in mining, engineering, sugar factories, and medical laboratories.


Our Services

Coin De Mire Agencies offers our clients a range of services with our affiliations and partnerships, with over 200+ trusted suppliers from around the world.

Thanks to our industry experience and renowned top-notch services, in conjunction with our buying office in Johannesburg, South Africa, we can purchase the products of your choice, deal with shipping, duties and excise, providing as trouble free deliver to your warehouse.

Our expert team at Coin De Mire Agencies use their experience to align the shipment by negotiating the best prices and cheapest freight, to help you get your products hassle-free.

Our Offerings


Make us your go-to choice for the purchasing and procurement arm of your company in return our team will ensure that your organization benefits from the achieved savings. 

Leave your procurement  to us.


The Coin De Mire Agencies team has many years of experience in the field of importation. 

Our team will handle all the logistics, including shipping, duties and excise.


We have strong distribution capabilities from our warehouse in the East of the Island.

Lets us carry your products and manage distribution to your clients


Local producers entrust us with the responsibility of handling all the logistics to export their product across the world.

Our team will ensure that your products arrive at their destination in time, and  in a cost effective manner.

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Our History

Christian Desjardins founded Coin De Mire Agencies in Mauritius in 2019. Christian’s career spans 30 years heading up Coin De Mire Exports in Durban, South Africa. Christian also founded DB Freight International, which is now known by the name of FTL South Africa.

With this immense experience and knowledge in procurement and freight, Christian Desjardins established Coin De Mire Agencies in Mauritius, as the preferred hub and gateway to the Indian Oceanic countries. Mauritius is a perfect hub, with its excellent workmanship, world class products, and tax advantages, and with superb air and sea infrastructure.

Benefits we bring

Cost Savings

Make us your go-to choice for  your purchasing and procurement arm of your company in return our team will ensure that your organization benefits from the achieved savings.

Industry Experience

The Coin De Mire Agencies team has many years of experience in the field of procurement, import, export and distribution. 

We bring this experience to bear, saving you valuable time and money, delivering your freight in a hassle-free way.

On-Time Delivery

One of our prime objectives is to provide our clients with the best range of services along with the essence of saving valuable time for them.

Our clients

Driving solutions for leading brands

Mining - Sugar - Hospitality - Salons - Textiles - Engineering - Laboratories

We represent a number of famous brands in Mauritius, with a dedicated team of experts focused on the various fields of expertise, who regularly visit our clients across the island. In addition, our experts visit our clients throughout Africa on a regular basis. If you are interested in Coin de Mire Agencies representing you organization to market and distribute your brand in Mauritius and Africa, kindly contact Chris at There is a high likelihood that we may have existing relationships in the market ready for your product.

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